Spooked horse

We had another horse carriage incident this weekend, you can read about it HERE. It was only a few weeks ago that this incident happened.

The carriages are seen by the public as romantic and as a quaint nod to the past, but these poor animals live their lives mouth to tail-pipe and it’s an awful way to spend your day.

I’ve posted this information before but with this new incident I believe that another wave of letter writing would really help. If you would like to see horse drawn carriages banned from the streets of Victoria please write a quick letter to Victoria City Hall (councillors@victoria.ca) and the James Bay Association (jamesbayna@yahoo.ca). We are a tourist town and if tourists (no matter where you live) write in to complain it can make a big difference.

… If you’d like to share the letter you sent and any response you may receive please send it to dave@friendsofanimals.org

We have to get these horses off the streets and onto a sanctuary where they can live out the rest of their life in a safe environment with dignity.

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