SPCA Dog Wash Fundraiser

What a fun day …

… I do have to say it’s incredibly disappointing that they served Ice-Cream. I mean why would you want to serve a product that contains pus/blood and so much animal torture attached to it – especially when you can have the food/treats provided by VEG FUND for free!!

If you haven’t heard of VEG FUND – they will provide FREE vegan food for events. My goal is to continue to encourage the BC SPCA to have their events be 100% cruelty free and to utilize VEG FUND. I mean … they are the Society for the Prevention of CRUELTY to Animals so serving dairy products makes no sense. Anyhooo…Wish me luck!! 🙂

BTW. Phillips beer is vegan friendly and delicious!!

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  1. Larissa says:

    Pink Sugar Cupcakery donated vegan cupcakes to a Victoria SPCA charity-type thing, and it was mentioned on the radio beforehand. At the event, several volunteers (who were enjoying their baked goods) said stuff like, “We almost didn’t try these because we heard on the radio that they were vegan.”

    “… Uh, they ARE vegan.”
    “Oh …”

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