sore thighs

My thighs are soooo sore! *laugh*
Up the ladder. Down the ladder. Up the ladder. Down the ladder… painting the tattoo shop is a really good workout. Yikes. I can barely move my arms this morning.

I managed to get the hallway and two of the studios painted. It took a little longer then we thought because the red paint on the walls needed an extra coat. We can put a man on the moon, but we can’t come up with red paint that needs only a few coats? I ended up doing 5 coats on each wall… and yes yes… I put a dark pink undercoat on before I started. 🙂

It looks fantastic. Such a great red… I’ll post some photos once I’m done. I still have the other two studios to paint as well as the front. Our ceilings are probably 20 feet high… it’s gonna be quite a job.

I’ve started dancing in the morning to warm up my body before I do pilates or yoga. So today I’m going to dance to The Go-Go’s. Turn up your speakers… it’s time to shake your booty!

Oh yeah.
Don’t forget to watch my Step-mummy on CBC Tv tonight!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Sarah!
    I bet you’re sore! I once had to paint a tatoo shop in red too, and I agree with you: someone needs to figure out how to make red paint that doesn’t need a hundred coats to look good!

    The lonely vegan girl in France

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