Short People

The other day I’m walking down the street to meet up with Gerry after work and there’s a bit of a traffic jam as 2 lanes were merging into 1 for construction. Suddenly I can hear “Short People” by Randy Newman being played loudly out of one of the cars.

A little back story: When this song hit the airwaves in 1977 I was a very short person of 9 years old and took this song to heart. It hurt me. I was so mad that my Dad didn’t know what to do with me, so he suggested that I write a letter to Randy Newman to let him know how much it hurt my feelings. I’m not sure if the letter ever got mailed *laugh* but my Dad was smart to let me express myself that way.

Anyhoo … as I’m walking down the street wondering what kind of dork would blast a Randy Newman song I realize it’s coming from a small white pick-up truck and the guy driving was wearing a cowboy hat. Hrrrm.

Upon closer inspection … I realize it’s my x-boyfriend from back in the day. For the love of Tofu! Ugh. Double whammy.

Sometimes I wish I could move to the city of “No-x-boyfriend-ville” where Randy Newman doesn’t exist and I can and live out my days in peace.

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