Shoes shoes and more shoes

What a fun day. First Gerry and I went for breakfast … at Teany. Then we hit up Moo Shoes and I went crazy! I bought 4 pairs of shoes. I may go back for another pair I had my eye on… I’m crazy. WOOT! I’ll post photos of them later. I know how you shoe fetishists are. *laugh*
Exhausted from the shoe shopping we hit up BabyCakes for a few vegan cupcakes. They’re really yum and the little store is so cute – plus they have spelt flour/no soy/no sugar cupcakes. YAY!
As we were wandering around we stumbled onto The Tenement Museum…where we bumped into Jeffery one of the educators at the museum. He recognized me right away from the books and offered us a tour. What a sweetie pie!!
The museum is REALLY cool. You can read more about it here. I highly recommend you visit it the next time you’re here – there are many tours to choose from and we took the Piecing It Together tour and we loved it so much we’re going back today to take another tour.

After our tour we hit up Earth Matters health food store/deli. We found this place the first time we came to NY and while Whole Foods is down the street we’d rather give these guys our $$ since they’re right around the corner and they’re local. They make a wicked Kale Salad. Check out their deli if you are here.

Every time we take the subway Perogy Cat thinks Michael Jackson is going to jump out of the shadows and show him who’s bad…
Eeeeek! My new Aurora boots from Moo Shoes are awesome. I wore them all last night and they feel like slippers. No breaking in at all!!
Last night we went to watch my friend Angie Pontani perform in a show called This is Burlesque at the Corio Nightclub. It was such a fun raunchy night and Angie and her friends put on a stellar show.
I took a ton of photos but don’t have time to go through them right now. I’ll post some later.

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3 Responses to Shoes shoes and more shoes

  1. leigh says:

    the Tenement Museum is awesome! i just bought a book there.

  2. vegankitty says:

    Where did you get the great vegan heart bag you had at the Moo Shoes party?

    And Earth Matters rocks!

  3. Eliza says:

    Wow…. You got lot’s of shoes to choose from for yourself.

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