Where is the customer service? Where has it gone?? When I worked retail it was HAMMERED into me that customer service was the most important aspect of repeat business.

I try my best to support small local business in my city… but when the customer service stinks or they hire kids who know nothing about the products they’re selling, I get so infuriated.

If I’m going to a specialty store for a specific product that this store only carries… you would expect the people behind the counter to know/understand their products.

Instead all I got was a pimply faced blank stare from someone who was up all night playing World of Warcraft. When I contacted the manager to calmly discuss my issues with his employees he was SUCH A JERK. Customer service people!! Customer service. I don’t want you to jump through hoops and kiss my ass but I do want you to be glad I’m patronizing your store and give me quality service.


This rant was brought to you buy Crispy Cat Candy Bars… the only candy bar to help Sarah feel better after a terrible shopping experience.

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