Seattle bound!

Hopped in the smartcar and headed to the ferry terminal.

We paid extra money to BC Ferries to sit in the first class section of the boat…. ahhh so quiet. So nice. Free coffee and no kids screaming. Being yuppie scum can sometimes be fun. We sat and read books about NYC and tried to figure out all the things we can do in the short few days that we’ll be there. Soooo much to do. Such little time. Then we headed to Abbotsford to drop Fergus off with the In-laws. It’s so comforting to know that he is staying with family who loves him almost as much as we do.

We arrived in Seattle and headed to the B&B. What a nice place to stay… we are on the third floor of this ancient house and our little room is lovely.

We had a nap…made a few phone calls…

Ok. Yes. I’m wearing a track suit. I’m very J-lo. Fame has changed me… but what you should be wondering is why the phone booth is so tiny. I’m five foot-one. … Hmmmm.

Then we headed down to Neumos for the Trial show.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    when you are at Mooshoes in NYC, you should buy the book “The Vegan Guide to NYC” if you don’t already have it that is! It talks about every restaurant in every borough that has vegan stuff to eat! I bought it for our trip there this weekend ( booked before I saw when you would be there!)
    But do not worry….I am moving there this summer. So if you’re there again I can come see you! Wahooo

    Sarah P.

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