Say goodbye to my little friends …

My kiss curls are on their way out. It’s so weird how easily it comes out …

Like pulling spaghetti out of a box. Is that even a good analogy? Ha ha!

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2 Responses to Say goodbye to my little friends …

  1. Denise in ontario says:

    You will have one sexy naked head! Be proud! My mom always said (when i coloured my hair blue and pink 15 years ago) its only hair, it will grow back!

  2. Kathy Mancall says:

    I’m starting to eat more vegan-ly, and I just discovered How it All Vegan and am loving it. Just want you to know you have a new fan, and to offer my virtual support during this transitional time for you. You’ll come out like a butterfly from a chrysalis: smarter, wiser and stronger!

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