Save Strummer!

6c06fb8b-ba2f-48f9-952a-bbbd05a8bdd7_profileMy dear friend Melisser has the most adorable Chi named Strummer …

Strummer is probably the sweetest little 2lb chihuahua you will ever meet.  🙂

Unfortunately she was recently diagnosed with a cancerous tumor on her tiny chest.

Strummer’s surgery is going to be about $3000 so Melisser has set up a fundraising page to help with the surgery costs.

You can read all about Strummer and donate to her upcoming surgery HERE.
Please help if you can.  😉


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  1. Wacky says:

    When I told a12 I had stories to share about music, that weenrt as good as anyone elses, this post reminds me just of that. When I was in high school, and there was a NHL lock out, I had plenty of punk rock keeping me in all kinds of trouble. I went to shows to see bands that no one knew of, who were shitty, and bought their shitty cds and tsrhits. I was out late with friends and I was introduced to some amazing people who changed my life forever. My favorite punk rock band to this day is STILL Rancid. I just loved those guys. I love the way West Coast punk rock sounds. Its just got a different sound that I really really dig compared to bands like the Ramones, and Leftover Crack who were based out of NYC. I never really could get behind the message growing up under the influence of my parents household, but now that Im a little older and realize Im the opposite of my dad, it really sticks out in my mind. Okay. Ill stop rambling down nostalgia lane and post a Rancid song because I dig them, so much.

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