San Fran – part 6

Our last day in San Fran. 🙁
Woke up early and wandered around the Castro a little.

Saw some interesting sights …

People driving to work …

…met up with Jake at Herbivore for one last visit and one last Corn Cake. 🙂

I worship carrot juice …

We had plans to meet up with Jane and some friends but the plans fell through … so Jake decided to take us for a walk to see The Painted Ladies houses. It’s just a few blocks from Herbivore!!

I made the boys do a Full House pose. I think they are both pretending to be Uncle Jesse. 🙂

Then we walked over to Rainbow Grocery so I could pick up some Dr.Cow’s vegan cheese. What a fantastic store!! 🙂

We wandered a little more and hit up Black Heart Tattoo (so Gerry could buy some MORE tattoo t-shirts 🙂

We walked down Valencia for a while taking in the sights and I made the boys stop at 826 Valencia Pirate Store. They thought it was going to be stupid but as soon as we stepped into the door they were like 8 year old boys on an adventure.

826 is actually a writing center for kids and the store-front helps fund the organization. You can read more about the store HERE. It’s a really great place. 🙂

We also stopped into The Curiosity Shoppe and Little Otsu (both of which are just across the street) and suddenly it was time to say our good-byes to Jake 🙁 We had to meet up with Jane for our Alcatraz tour (yes!) so we flagged a cab (no more walking please) and headed back to the house to get ready for jail…

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