San Fran – part 1

Confession #1. I bought jeggings. I know I bitched out jeggings a little while ago on twitter and compared them to crocs but I saw a pair that looked like corduroy jeans and I caved and tried them on. They were SO comfortable that I bought them immediately to wear on the plane. I now call them my “travel/eating pants” because they can stretch out sooo much.  🙂

Anyhoo… The first part of our trip to San Francisco was the drive/ferry ride over to the mainland to drop off the dog with Gerry’s parents. They are the bestest grand-parents and always take such good care of him when we are away on long trips.

After a nice visit with the parents, we said our good-byes to everyone (including Fergus who could care less about us leaving because he was so happy to be with Gerry’s parents) and headed to Vancouver to grab a dosa from Chutney Villa for dinner.

They make THE best and biggest dosa’s.

After we filled my stomach with dosa (thank dog I was wearing my new eating pants) we drove to the airport to spend the night at the Vancouver Airport Hotel.

Fun Fact: It’s the only hotel that is actually IN the Vancouver airport and Gerry has always wanted to stay there and since it was his birthday (the rule at the Kramer house is that you get to do ANYTHING you want on your special day) we stayed there.

Our room was LUSH! King sized bed. Woot!

Or room had floor to ceiling windows that looked over the runway so you could watch planes land and take-off … and best of all the room was sound-proof so you couldn’t hear any of the planes. You could feel the rumble but no sound. It was nutso.

And the bathtub was hilarious. It was so long that I could lay end-to-end.

Gerry and I decided to go down to the hotel bar for a drink (which is something neither of us has ever done before) and Gerry had a scotch. Since we started our drinking experiment – Currently Gerry is exploring the wonderful world of hard liquor.

Personally I think it all tastes like grade-8 vomit … but that’s just me.  🙂

After a luxurious evening in our giant bed we ran downstairs in the AM for breakfast and Gerry had oatmeal.

My man sure does get excited about a fancy plate of oatmeal. The restaurant also had floor to ceiling windows and we watched planes as we eat our oats.

Gerry and I love a swanky hotels … we’re kind of obsessed with the details.  🙂

After our breakfast we headed down to the pool and we had the whole place to ourselves. The pool was small but had jets so you could swim against the current and do laps without really swimming laps. I guess it’s called a lap pool. *laugh* Neither of us could swim against the current (wussy vegans) but we had a good time jumping around acting like drowning idiots.

The craziest part was that the pool overlooks the ticketing area of the airport so we flashed a bunch of people who were checking in for their flights!

Went back up to our room and got ready for our flight … not only was it Halloween day but it was also Gerry’s birthday so we (or I) decided we should dress up and stay in costume ALL DAY!

I thought for sure our costumes would be a heat-score and we’d be hassled when we went through US Customs but our customs dude was so happy to see someone dressed up. He laughed and waved us through with a “Live long and prosper”.

The plane ride was fun …

We arrived in San Fran and our lovely hostess Jane came to pick us up from the airport and we headed to her house to clean up and get ready for our night out on the town …

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  1. Sophie says:

    omg you were in my city!! can’t wait to see more pics 🙂

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