San Fran – Oct 3rd.

Don’t forget to buy your tickets for the San Fran book bash on Oct 3rd put on by Veg News. It’s gonna be fun fun fun!

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  1. Judy's Nutrition says:

    Awww, I read the post below about soy! You poor thing…but sometimes we need to do that to remind us why. Painful lesson, but one learned no doubt.

  2. vegannikki says:

    Sarah I just have to say I got your book and pen today, oh my gosh the book is wounderful and the pen is awesome your so great. I also have to tell you that my 6 year old daughter loves the book and the pen and thinks your pictures are so funny (in her words) and her favorite picture is the check the weather, I love vagina rain coat one, she thinks that it is so funny that the rain coat says vagina on it. Thanks so much, nikki and my daughter hanna

  3. Mary says:

    I sure wish I could be there for the fun. I’d love to be in San Francisco again, and I’d love to get a chance to meet you, too. Have fun!!!


  4. Auntie Zuze says:


    I got my book and pen yesterday! woo hoo — thank you so much, they are both awesome. I made the mistake of getting them delivered to my office so all day long at work I was distracted and kept playing with my pen! ahahhah

  5. John McDevitt says:

    Got my book yesterday, yay! My friend Kelly is going to see you in San Francisco…wish I could go 🙁

  6. RawkYouLikeAHurricane says:

    I just got my ticket to see you in San Francisco, and I am very excited! I’ve used and loved all of the books a lot. You and Elvira were both inspirational when I created the Revolting Recipes feature in my magazine.


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