Samantha is doing great…

Well last night Ken came over to check out Samantha and I think it was love at first sight. He’s been with many Frigidaire Flairs but not like Samantha.

So the first thing he did was take her top off! But he’s a gentleman, he just wanted to get to know her brain. She’s got a lot going on up there.
All the wires looked good …Then he checked out her backside… He tried turning her on … and she got RED HOT and responded right away! All burners burning and she was ready to go! Even Fergus was intrigued.I left them alone for a while because things got kind of intimate between them.Then it was time to check out her headlights…

Ken showed us a feature that I didn’t even know about… not only do the doors open like a Lamborghini but they also pop open. We’re not sure why… maybe it’s to cool off the oven? Or to make it easier to clean the inside window. I’m going to do some investigating and find out.So she’s almost good to go! Ken has to come back and give her a new plug (the one he brought last night wasn’t correct). He’s going to upgrade a few wires and most important he’s going to calibrate the ovens so that they are perfectly correct!!

So by next Tuesday Samantha and I can start cooking!

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