Remember Mia?

Well you can read an update about Mia and her new furever home in the Fall SPCA newsletter available for download HERE.

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  1. Jenni says:


    This made my stomach hurt to read, but I was so happy for both of them at the end. Thanks for sharing it. My rescued chi blend fills me with love everyday. His pics are on my blog here if you and Fergus want to see.


    p.s. The link didn’t work on my computer for the newsletter, you need to take out the part of the url. Maybe just my pc though.

  2. AKM says:

    A perfect ending to what started out as a horrific story. I’m crying now, just as I did when I first saw the Mia video, but now they’re happy tears!

    (Yes, I had to remove the part of the link, but then the PDF came right up.)

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