I’ve been SO busy with the store and my Arsenal Pulp project that I haven’t had much time to blog about my day to day …

I keep meaning to finish my East Coast travel blog so I can get started on my West Coast trip but I don’t seem to have a spare moment to anything!! And I can’t blog about the AP project because I don’t want to give anything away …  🙂

I also realized that I tweet everything that happens to me in the day rather then blog it. So today I decided to start blogging more about everything that happens.

Today my friend Morgan came by to paint the front door of Sarah’s Place. I’ve noticed that a lot of people walk by my wall of windows and can’t figure out how to get into my store *laugh* so I thought if we painted the door a bright colour it would help them figure it out.  😉

Today I got a huge shipment of sunglasses in as well as a big box of Bernie Dexter clothes.

I’m just going through the box now and steaming everything so I can put it out on hangers. Then I have to shoot photos of the clothing and put it up on the website. Plus I’ve had customers streaming in and out all day (it’s so sunny and nice today). Retail is hard work people!! 🙂

My sweet Gerry came by for lunch today and we had soup from Solstice Cafe. It’s so great to have a neighbour who makes vegan soup. Plus soup always makes me feel better.

I had to stay home from work yesterday because I was under the weather. I have been feeling really tired this week and making stupid little mistakes in everything I was doing. I thought I was overwhelmed with work but I realized I was getting sick.

It was really difficult to decide to stay home from work. As a small business owner with no staff (except for Jodi who works on Sunday) – staying home means I miss out on potential income but I figured if I stayed home and nipped this illness in the bud that I would miss less days of work if I came to work and became super-duper sick.

I spent the ENTIRE day sleeping yesterday and woke up feeling a lot better. Sleep really is the greatest healer. Aren’t our bodies amazing?


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