Re: The Reef :(

UGH! I’ve been chatting back and forth via e-mail with someone from The Reef. Not sure if she’s the owner or manager … anyhoo… under threat of legal action and many pushy and aggressive letters I am retracting my statement regarding Becca’s salad.

I made a mistake when I said that Becca had to pay for the salad that had a bolt in it. Becca did NOT have to pay for her “bolt salad”. I apologize for my mistake in that matter.

I, on the other hand, had to pay (with a 10% discount) for my crap-tastic hardly touched salad and my tasteless disgusting veggie barely-eaten Jamacian patty and Cody also had to pay (with a 10% discount) for his half eaten disgusting fish dish.

I also stand by the rest of my reviewThe Reef shit the bed that night and it wasn’t pretty.

These letters that they have been sending me further proves that they don’t know squat about customer service and thus I WILL NEVER EAT AT THE REEF AGAIN!

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  1. nova says:

    Me neither. For so many reasons. Mostly for their terrible customer service. It could have been resolved so quickly with an “I’M SORRY”

  2. here, here!

    I had a similar experience two years ago.

    Then this past Dec I was introduced to the women that own the chain…it was hard to hold my tongue and not reprimand them for terrible food and service.

  3. Cathi C. says:

    What a bunch of fuckwits! How ballsy is that? So to them the issue is about payment? That is SO missing the point. Really sorry that you are being hounded like that.

  4. Nicole says:

    Woot Woot!
    Stick it to the man Sarah!
    The Reef sucks, regardless of my mild addiction to their Channa salad a few years back. Shitty service out weighs cheap rum punch ANY DAY.

  5. EdaMommy says:

    I *ran a cafe* for a while with my husband. You are right on in your thoughts. You should have, IMHO, been comped the meal, perhaps even with a little bit of lagniappe thrown in to ameliorate the situation. Furthermore the email exchange reeks of bad customer service. Threatened legal action smells suspiciously like bad kitchen and staff management to me.

  6. Cee says:

    Wow. That makes me want to obtain a passport and fly to Victoria just so that I can make a point of not eating there. What jerks!

  7. KJ says:

    That is the worst! I had a similar experience there a few years back. Will never go back. Vancouver location is better but not by much.

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