Random acts of praise

I love random acts of praise. I’m sitting here at work minding the front desk when a guy comes in and asks to use the phone. I hand him the phone. He calls. Hangs up says thanks and as he’s walking out the door he yells “I love your cookbooks by the way!”

Too funny.

Had someone yell at me on the street the other day as well. “LOVE THE BOOKS!”. But they drove past me before I could see who it was… but I did waved like an idiot. *laugh*

I also forgot to mention that the reason I look so glamourous in this photo is because of Claire at Coquette Faux Furriers. She is my sugar Momma and hooks me up with beautiful faux fur accessories to wear. Check out her website if you get a chance… it might be too late to buy a x-mas present… but Faux Fur always looks good for New Years. 🙂

I also forgot to mention that one of the camera men at The A Channel was looking at the cookbooks and pointed at HIAV and asked me if that was Jane Wiedlin on the cover. AHHHHH! I heart Jane Wiedlin!!

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