Gerry and I went to the gym last night and played racquetball… neither of us know how to play so we just lobbed the ball back and forth and I’ve never laughed so hard in my life. It was a comedy of errors… I can hardly move today. *laugh* Me so tired. I forgot to get a photo of me and Gerry in our protective head gear… next time. 🙂

For those of you wondering… I’m starting to feel a little better. It’s a looong story but in a nutshell I was in a car accident just before promoting GOV. To get through the enourmous amount of pain I was in during the book tour I depended on doctor prescribed pain killers. No… I didn’t get hooked and end up in re-hab with Mel Gibson but the drugs stripped the lining of my stomach. My tummy wasn’t making acid and was making me sick every time I ate. So my naturopath and I healed my gut and things were fine for quite a while.

About 8 weeks ago I started to feel crappy. About a week before I cancelled my trip to Toronto I had a major episode of Gastritis. I could hardly walk I was in so much pain. The medication the clinic doctor gave me made me feel a little better but the medication made me woozy and extremely exhausted.

RANT: Excuse me? What is with western medicine? Why do they just put a bandaid over a gaping wound rather then actually get to the root of the problem and fix it?

Anyway… got to my naturopath asap and am starting to feel a little better. The last 3 days have been pain free and my energy is up (hence the racquetball). So that’s my story. I hope ya’ll had fun at Veg Fair, I’m so sad I couldn’t make it… how was it? Did you have fun?

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