Raccoon Tail

Last night at 3am while I lay on the sofa with insomnia I posted on my Instagram feed a carefully cropped photo of a woman I saw the other day wearing a racoon tail as a fashion statement and I called her a “Loser Fur-Hag“. Some of you were upset by my comments and said that as a vegan I should have been more compassionate and I shouldn’t have insta-shamed her.

10727256_733869546697353_505236859_nOk. I hear you. I hear that my words could be hurtful … but when I saw that dismembered tail hanging from the back of her pants my thoughts weren’t of that woman’s feelings. All my thoughts were of that poor beautiful racoon that was hunted, murdered and cut up into pieces for a fashion statement.

Most people think of racoons as nuisance animals and like rats, crows and squirrels they are murdered every day without any thought because they are encroaching on our space. Well … truth is we are encroaching on their space and they are just trying to survive in an environment that no longer includes them. We have paved paradise and put up a parking lot.

I spend 99% of my day patiently being compassionate towards people in my surroundings who are not vegan. Throughout my day I try and plant hopeful and positive seeds of vegan change in a gentle and non-judgy way but every once in a while when I see someone being so utterly overt with their lack of compassion towards animals I lose my shit.

Cute-Raccoon-Image-07Truth be told – when I looked at this raccoon tail – all I see is my dog’s tail. Can you imagine if someone walked up to Fergus, chopped off his tail and wore it as a fashion statement?

To me – it’s the same crime. Dog = cat = racoon = chinchilla and seeing that tail hanging of the butt off that ignorant woman made my blood boil.

We did such good work in the late 80’s/90’s shedding light onto the horrors of the fur industry. Fur wearing was on a steady decline because of our radical action towards the industry. Where is that now? What is this generation of compassionate humans doing to stop the fur trade? From what I see in pop culture – fur as a fashion statement is bigger than ever. That means we as a community are failing. Maybe it’s time for all of us to step up our activism.

We need to be the voice for animals!!!

I’m not saying that my insta-post was good or bad – I’m just saying it is what it is. Using a pejorative term like “fur-hag” isn’t the nicest thing I could say – but I challenge you to take a look at your own instagram feed. Are you making fun of hipsters with beards? Are you mocking Renee Zellwegers face? Are you bashing a restaurant because your meal wasn’t perfect?

You don’t have to like everything I post on Instagram but I am entitled to my opinion. I mean … it can’t all be about cute dogs, food and selfies. 😉

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