Questions about Fergus

Carol and a few others wanted to know if Fergus was affected by the pet food recall. He’s doing fine and he doesn’t eat commercial dog food (like the brands in the re-call). We feed him Urban Carnovire.

Here is a list of all the brands that have been recalled.

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  1. KleoPatra says:

    Thanks for the link to the list. Mattie eats vegetarian dog food but i do mix a small bit of some non-veg stuff in her bowl so she’ll eat it :o) Poor kid, the lone veggie dog on the block! Mean mommy me!!?


  2. Carol says:

    I figured you had him on something other than the commercial brands and you may have even mentioned that before.
    We’re lucky in that our cat has very simple tastes and doesn’t care for the wet food, so we’re good over here.
    Everybody go hug their fuzzy buddies!

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