Purple Rain

Saturday night was the Purple Rain Movie Night fundraiser so I pulled out the boots I bought in 1985 (on Kings Road in London UK) for the event and even wore purple pants for the occasion! I am such a geek!! 🙂

Since the movie was being shown in a storefront just a few doors down from my store – I littered the sidewalk with arrows so people could find their way.

We had a table full of snacks … Cookies from Sarah’s Place. There were Chocolate Peanut Butter Squares from Diana. Zucchini-Chocolate mini-cups from Ailsa and Raw Chocolate Mousse cups from Paradox. And popcorn thanks to Dave. Thanks so much to everyone who brought goodies.  🙂

Fergus kept the ladies company while we waited for everyone to arrive …

Everyone brought their own pillow to sit on … but halfway through the movie my 43 year old back was not happy. I think next time we need some chairs (or a lazyboy for me).

Everyone had a great time watching Purple Rain… I mean. How can you not. Prince is KING! 🙂

We were able to raise almost $150 for The Victoria Vegan Fest coming up in July.

The next fundraiser is the World Wide Vegan Bake Sale on April 28th. If you’d like to donate goodies to the bake-sale – please contact dave@friendsofanimals.org

The more $$ we raise for VictoriaVeganFest the better the festival will be! 🙂

We are thinking about doing another movie night to raise more $$. What movie should it be? Goonies? Spaceballs? Desperately Seeking Susan? Breakfast Club?

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2 Responses to Purple Rain

  1. Rebecca says:

    As for the next movie I think Desperately Seeking Susan since it stars another 80’s icon of music if you want to keep with the theme. If not any one of the ones you mentioned above work well too.

  2. Rebecca says:

    You could also see/watch Billy Jean a movie with a pretty good sound track as well and also from the 80’s.

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