All week for breakfast I’ve been using Omega’s Pumpkin Butter on toast instead of Almond butter. What a treat!! It’s such a yummy different flavour. I’m in love.

I also had left-over rice noodles from dinner the other night… so I re-heated the noodles and stirred in some Garlic Chili Flax oil with a spoonful of the pumpkin butter. YOWZA!! I love it!!

Garlic Chili Flax oil is sooooooo good. I put it over everything! Mashed potato, steamed veggies, drizzle my entrees with it, pour a little into my soup. It’s sooo yummy good.

So I have a bunch of Omega stuff to give-a-way…. but if you want it… you’re gonna have to pay for shipping. Sending out all those bars of soap cost me almost $40. Yikes. So if you want what I’m gonna give away… You’ll have to Paypal me $5.00 usd. If you’re cool with that then let’s proceed.

Congrats to CARRIE and ASHLEY for winning the give-away!!

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  1. Melissa says:

    Sarah, I’d like to pay you back for the shipping on the soap. I don’t have paypal, can you explain to me how to get it or if I even can?

  2. Sarah's Blog says:

    NO NO!!
    Don’t sweat it. My treat.

  3. Kelly says:

    I’ve noticed these giveaways before but I’m not sure hot to get entered in to them..can anyone help?

  4. Melissa says:

    You generally have to be reading the blog at the right time..it’ll say something like “first 5 people to email me their address win ___”

  5. amberly says:

    Do you know any places in north vancouver/vancouver where I could get some Garlic Flax Oil?

  6. Sarah's Blog says:

    I don’t live in Vancouver… But I bet Whole Foods has it. 🙂

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