Product List from Canada AM

Below you will find a list of some of the products that Sarah talked about today on Canada AM.

All 4 of the cookbooks and the 2010 calendar are available at bookstores across Canada. Please support your local independent bookstore whenever possible.

VEGAN – Many of the products on today’s show were from Vegan Essentials
Left – Toronto based vegan shoes & products
Moo – New York based vegan shoes & products w/online shopping – Vancouver based vegan store
Happy – Eating guide for travelers – Vegan nutritional supplements and treats
Veg – Vegan magazine
Panacea Eco Shop – Toronto based vegan shopping
Vegan Craft – Vegan samples from various vegan artisans
Vegan – Vegan-centric pottery
Cosmos vegan shoppe – on-line shopping

The dress Sarah wore on Canada AM is courtesy of Bettie Page Clothing.

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  1. Holly says:

    Didn’t they also show a Dungaree Dolly bag before your segment?

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