Poutine Pizza …

It all started innocently enough…

I was reading through my twitter feed and my friend @melisser mentioned something about Tater-Tot pizza … so we tweeted back and forth about it and suddenly @LaziestVegans started to tweet about Tater-Tot Pizza. Next thing I knew @DiscerningBrute was part of the conversation and then @AJShannon and @SnarkyVegan both weighed in with their opinion …It became a wild frenzy of back and forth about the perfect Tater-Tot pizza.

After talking about all the different topping possibilities for our fantasy Tater-Tot pizza … I decided talk was cheap and made one for dinner on Monday.  😉

Instead of tomato sauce I made Mushroom Gravy (from the GoVegan! w/Sarah Kramer app) and set it aside to thicken up. Then I made a quick GF pizza crust (thanks Bob’s Redmill) and while that was rising – I got to work on the Tater-Tots.

I wanted the tots to be crunchy so I pre-baked them until they started to turn golden brown. Then I added gravy to the pizza dough and topped it with the pre-cooked Tater-Tots and a healthy helping of Daiya vegan cheese. Then tossed the pizza back in the oven and baked until the cheese had melted.

It turned out pretty great but I think next time I would bake the Tater-Tots until they were darker. I like a crispy Tater-Tot!!

I think that because I’m Canadian and because this pizza is a combination of gravy, potatoes and cheese that my version of this pizza should be called Poutine Pizza. What do you think?  🙂



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  1. Holy #$%^&,, this looks AMA-ZING. Wish we were your neighbor, so we could get some fresh from the oven.

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