Poopy Diaper

Sometimes at Sarah’s Place – I have customers who come into the store because of all the cute dresses and purses. They have no idea that the store is vegan-ccentric.

Today a family came in with their little girl. She was about 4 years old (my favourite age) and she was looking around at everything in the store like an archeologist. She pondered every item with great care and then she said to me “your store is like a dream…” 🙂

I asked her if she would like to have a button and she put her hand into the button-bowl and grabbed one that said NO FUR.

“This one!” she declared and then she asked me what it said. Her mum suggested she get one of the buttons with a cute animal on it but she wouldn’t listen. “No. This is an important button. I need to wear it…” I instantly fell in love with this little lady …

I changed the music to The Monkey Bunch and Poopy Diaper came on the speaker. She started dancing in the middle of the store and then turned and said  “This song is genius. I must have it…”

What a smart child. I agree 100%. Poopy Diaper is genius. If you would like to expose your children to real music played by real musicians – then The Monkey Bunch are the band for you!

Buy Monkey Bunch music HERE. Don’t forget … I ship worldwide!!  🙂



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