Holy Moly… I’m beat.
Moving sucks. We’re all in now. Now comes the fun part of un-packing and arranging and re-arranging everything. I still have to go back to the old apartment and clean… ugh… I hate that part.

On Sunday we went to a Vegan wedding for our friends Jay and Andrea. What a spread!! The wedding was great but the food! THE FOOD!! They had the wedding, dinner & party at The Laurel Point and the chef there made a 100% Vegan buffet. It was incredible. Every single dish was tastey and delish.
Really well done… I was very impressed. If you’re ever considering having a Vegan wedding in Victoria BC…Laurel Point is the place to do it.We had a lot of fun… Gerry even danced The Chicken Dance with me!
Brian … as usual… had an excellent time.Awwwwwwww!We came home and collapsed. I woke up the next morning with “Rock Lobster” still ringing in my ears and had to do a mad dash to the other house to meet the movers. Soooo exhausting. Me need a nap.

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  1. Melissa says:

    Sarah you look gorgeous!!
    And I really like the look of her wedding dress.

  2. Megan the Vegan says:

    Is that Gerry kissing the bride?!?! Fun!
    What a feast. I hope someday when I get married I can have something that wonderful.

  3. Sarah's Blog says:

    Ha ha ha.
    No. That’s Jay kissing his wife. Jay and Gerry look a LOT alike. 🙂

  4. Urban Vegan says:

    moving: the only way out is thru 🙁
    vegan weddings: WOOT. I think we’re going to have to renew our vows, just so we can have one.

  5. primaryconsumer says:

    That’s so awesome.

  6. KleoPatra says:

    Great food, great photos, great time, GREAT KISS.

    Love this post!!!

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