A little sneak peek at the shop…

This is the front door (duh) … where we have numerous signs including the “no cell phones” sign that I bought at Diaso. It hasn’t worked to deter people from yammering on their phones in the shop but I still have hope.

My favourite sign of the bunch is the “Modern Electric Tattooing” sign that also says “virtually painless”. We have lots of people come in because of that sign thinking that we do pain free tattoos. HA HA! As if…  🙂

This is the front lobby which has some chairs for waiting, the portfolios of the crew and a computer where you can search for tattoo design ideas.

This is part of the tattoo area. We knocked down all the walls and the shop is now open-concept.

This is Bryan‘s area … but don’t get too attached to the floor he’s sitting on. We still have to remove the tiles but we’ve been too tired to do them. Hopefully this week!! 😉

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