Is there anything more perfect then fresh cut parsley from your garden?

Maybe if you put it in the blender with a banana + a scoop of Vega Smoothie Powder + frozen mango chunks and 2 cups of cool water?

Yup … I was right… perfection!

If you think this sounds “weird” … I DARE you to make one and drink it. 🙂

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  1. Holly says:

    I added parsley to a green smoothie last week (I usually add kale). Hubby and I weren’t too impressed, we could really taste the parsley over everything else. When we add kale, we can never taste it at all. The smoothie was fresh orange juice, a banana, parsley, and frozen mixed berries. Maybe it would taste better with just the banana and frozen mango…

  2. Holly says:

    P.S. I used Italian flat-leaf parsley instead of the more common curly parsley. Maybe the flat-leaf has a stronger taste? The leaves were certainly bigger and tougher than curly parsley.

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