Orange is the new German!

Fergus is sooo happy his favourite German is back in town. Roberto is here for 2 months so if any of you Victoria people want a fantastic amazing tattoo then run down to The Shop and book yourself an appointment.

In other news I got crazy yesterday and painted the inside of the cupboards. I was a little overwhelmed at first with the color but once I put the plates/bowls back on the shelves … I was happy with how it looks. Now we just have to replace the counter-top and I’ll be stoked. I also got a little crafty when I found these ornate frames at the dump yesterday. I printed out the Measurement Equivalents page from the new book onto photography paper…… and stuck it right at eye level for when I glance up wondering how many tsp are in a tbsp.

I likey. 🙂

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6 Responses to Orange is the new German!

  1. The Vegan Snorkeler says:

    Those frames are amazing! It’s mind boggling what people just toss in the trash. Great way to reduce, reuse, recycle! I love the bright cabinets, too!

  2. Janey says:

    Sarah, your comments ALWAYS make me smile!! Am loving your cupboards by the way, gorgeous colour! p.s. I have just decided to stop dying my hair, and you are my inspiration!! 🙂

  3. krissy says:

    i usually just lurkey-lurkey around here but i had to peek out to say that your cupboards look even more fabulous than they did a few weeks ago when you painted them! i didn’t think that was even possible. and the measurements in a cute frame at eye level??? BRILLIANT!

  4. KinaBolina says:

    I love it! I’m all about unexpected bursts of color right now. Your kitschy kitchen est divoon!

  5. skinartia says:

    That color looks fantastic in the cupboards! 🙂

  6. afra michael. says:

    i LOVE it–the frame, the colours, the kitchen! coming along sooo nicely.

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