So I don’t know if you heard … but Oprah is going vegan for 21 days.

I love Oprah. You don’t understand. I LOVE OPRAH!! I’ve never missed a show. I know you think I’m exaggerating but since she first aired in Sept of 1986 I have been a rabid fan. 4pm is Oprah time. Everyone knows not to disturb me during my “Oprah time”.

So yesterday when she started talking about her vegan cleanse and wondering about what she was going to eat, I was YELLING at the television that she needs me and my books.

So today I am using the power of The Secret (Oprah told me about it) to visualize myself on her show. It has happen. No wait. Let me visualize it. It WILL HAPPEN!!

Here’s where you come in my loyal readers. Let’s get the e-mails flying and get me on Oprah. Not only can this be a wonderful opportunity for me to show Oprah that vegan food is fun, easy and delicious but an opportunity to reach MILLIONS of people who are unfamiliar with how amazing vegan food can be!

If you could take a few minutes to write to Oprah about me and the books and how the books have impacted your life … perhaps that will be the little push it will take to make my visualizations a reality. Please tell your friends, ask your neighbors. Let’s make this happen!!

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