OPRAH was right!

You put something out into the universe and it answers you. Guess what I found in Vancouver?? More on this later…
But first… my trip.
I went over to hang out with Gerry while he did a guest spot at Lotus Land Tattoo. I think it must be the worlds smallest tattoo shop.
Gerry took me out for dinner to East is East which is across the street from the tattoo shop.
I had high hopes for this place as we walked in. The food smelled great and the atmosphere was groovy. The menu was really expensive and the food was just so-so. The flavours were there but my food was luke-warm but I was WAY too hungry at that point to send it back. I noticed that my food came from the front of house and not from the kitchen in the back. As we left … I realized that all the food was up front being warmed in a hotplate type setting. Ick. I also noticed that the server who took our money then turned around to make food… um… wash your hands, Dear. Money is dirty.

The next day Gerry and I had a lovely brunch with my parents. I can’t remember the name of it… Booby? Boogly? Burgy? It was in N.Van and I had a yummy cup of soup with some hummus and pita. I forgot to take a photo … but I did get a photo of me and my parents. My Dad has recently quit smoking and I tell ya, he looks great!! It’s only been a month or so but I think he looks so much healthier. I’m so proud of him. Yay! Now we just have to get my Step-Mum to quit. 🙂
Then Gerry and I went to Ikea.
I know. I’m a contradiction wrapped up in an enigma. *laugh* Look. I’m not mad at Ikea the store. I’m mad at Ikea-online….

Later in the evening Gerry and I went for dinner with our house hosts Adam and Sarah who run Tattoodles.com It’s a great website if you’re looking for tattoo inspiration and I highly recommend it.

We went to The Foundation for dinner and it was fantastic. I had a great black bean burger.
Gerry had a peanuty pesto pasta… yum!
My only complaint is that the music was so loud that I felt like I was in a rap video. Perhaps I’m getting old… *laugh* but I went out for dinner with friends and I want to be able to talk to them not yell at them like I’m in a club.

My other complaint is this… are you a vegan/veg restaurant or not… cause I can’t tell. The waiter told us that everything on the menu was vegan unless it said Cheese. Ok … but when my friend Sarah ordered food she got a side of Sour Cream and it was real sour cream. ummm… I think they need to clarify what the deal is on the menu, because the menu was really confusing.

Adam and Sarah have a menagerie of fur-babies and Bunny, the cat really took a liking to me.
Then we rented a truck and picked up MY NEW STOVE!! More on that later… I have to leave you wanting more or you won’t come back! 🙂

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3 Responses to OPRAH was right!

  1. Nat says:

    Thats so exciting!! Tell us more about the stove!!!

    Also… best jacket ever. 🙂

  2. Anonymous says:

    LOVE the stove!!!
    Have your parents ever been to Port Hardy? They remind me of a couple I met while working in the Book Nook??????

  3. HT says:

    foundation is like that — yummy food, though.
    i like getting fondue there.

    my favourite vancouver restaurant food is sesame fries with miso gravy, the naam bowl and a slice of noh pie at the naam…

    chocolate energy orbs from capers are good, too — when i worked there (and when i used microwaves…) i used to microwave them.

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