Open letter to: Yes To Carrots

Dear Yes to Carrots
I am a LONG time customer and I am extremely upset to read over at Logical Harmony Blog that you are now testing on animals so you can sell your product in China. Shame on you!!

I love your products. Not only are they great quality but I have proudly talked about your products to my non-vegan friends as an example of excellent animal-friendly products that are available in the common marketplace. The fact that they can purchase your products at a local drugstore has always been a source of pride for me.

I understand that the China market is huge. I understand that you want to grow your business … but at what cost?

This last year I have lost MAC cosmetics, Aveda, Urban Decay and now Yes to Carrots to the Chinese market. It’s horrible. Just fucking HORRIBLE that you would sell out your formerly animal friendly company for pure greed. And at the expense of the animals who suffer greatly because of animal testing.

Why don’t you, MAC, Aveda and Urban Decay and other formerly forward thinking animal-friendly companies stand together and tell China that you will not sell your products to them until they change their animal testing laws.

STAND FOR SOMETHING! Don’t be greedy. Be a vessel for positive change.

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