one mans trash …

Took some recycling to my favorite garbage dump today and then poked around the section where people drop off their unwanted “re-usable junk” that still has a bit of life left.
I found these vintage tins. What are they for? Jello Molds?

Gerry’s is home sick today with a cold … so instead of painting the bedroom like I planned we lay around on the bed (that’s parked in the living room during construction) and watched movies. We watched about 1/2 of DC Cab (before I fast forwarded to the end) and tried to watch Bee Movie but shut it off after 20 minutes (who knew Jerry Seinfeld could be so un-funny?).

Then we watched The Savages. Great movie. Darkly funny.

Tomorrow is paint day. I have to hustle my bustle and get this finished … can’t sleep in the living room forever!! 🙂

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  1. Rueby says:

    Oooh Victoria has a salvage centre too? We have one outside Calgary and I LOVE it. I have found SO much stuff there including my vintage garbage can, floor lamp, 60’s display cabinet and coffee table, Pyrex, books…oh its my favorite place ever.

    As for the tins, I BELIEVE they are for baking tarts of a sort. My mother has a bunch of them from her fathers bakery in Switzerland and she would know for sure, I just can’t recall without asking her. I’ll try to remember and let you know!

  2. E.K. says:

    I hope Gerry gets better!

  3. Holly says:

    I’m totally with you on Bee Movie. I watched the whole thing, and not only was it very unfunny, the moral of the story was that if we don’t steal bees’ honey, they won’t pollinate flowers and all the plants in the world will die. Kind of makes you wonder how bees ever survived before humans started stealing their honey!

  4. Crys T says:

    Aren’t those tins for brioche?

  5. Anonymous says:

    Yes, mini brioche molds! Great find!

  6. Maria Rose says:

    Feel better Gerry!

  7. Red says:

    It is so tempting when I have a garage sale not to keep half the stuff I need to get rid of, but alas, I haul it out to the driveway and sell it as I wipe a tear from my eye.

    Then I take my money and go garage saling. HAH!

  8. Gish says:

    I *loved* that movie. It was really well done.

    Awesome tins! I wish the North would catch up on recycling ideas.

  9. Nest Interiors says:

    ooooh…make pin cushions out of them! just saw this on another blog

  10. Alice Leonard says:

    Brioche moulds!

  11. Anonymous says:

    They look like Pusty/Pustie tins- Italian pastries with a thick crust and a pudding in the middle- my mom makes them and OMG a vegan version would be heav-en-ly !!! I cant wait to see your wallpaper!!!!!!!!!!!

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