one mans trash …

Took some recycling to my favorite garbage dump today and then poked around the section where people drop off their unwanted “re-usable junk” that still has a bit of life left.
I found these vintage tins. What are they for? Jello Molds?

Gerry’s is home sick today with a cold … so instead of painting the bedroom like I planned we lay around on the bed (that’s parked in the living room during construction) and watched movies. We watched about 1/2 of DC Cab (before I fast forwarded to the end) and tried to watch Bee Movie but shut it off after 20 minutes (who knew Jerry Seinfeld could be so un-funny?).

Then we watched The Savages. Great movie. Darkly funny.

Tomorrow is paint day. I have to hustle my bustle and get this finished … can’t sleep in the living room forever!! 🙂

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