On the road again…

On the flight to Calgary:
Well yesterday had it all. We woke up to sunshine and by the time we got dressed, had breakfast and got dressed it was hailing. HAILING! Then the hail turned to snow and for the first time all winter Victoria was dusted with a nice light coat of snow. Gerry and I decided to go for a walk and we get 2 blocks from our house and it starts pouring. *laugh* Torrential downpour soaked us to the bone and the poor dog was shivering so badly by the time we got home that I felt guilty about taking him outside for a walk.

Dried him off, hopped into our pajamas to watch a rented movie (what else do you do on a rainy day off from work?). Our movie was interrupted by sunshine streaming into our living room … what?… and by the time we got up to close the blinds it was pouring again. *laugh* Gerry and I took Fergus for another walk just before bedtime and large puffy snow flakes fell around us as we walked around our neighborhood. Then by the time we turned around to come home it was raining and the snow was gone. Wow…. what a day. You gotta love Victoria weather in March.

Woke up at the crack of dawn this morning (7:30am) to catch my flight to Toronto. For the first time ever … my West Jet flight was delayed. My flights are ALWAYS delayed when I fly Air Canada and that’s why I never fly them, if I’m given the chance. My flight was only 45 minutes late, so I shouldn’t complain. These poor kids beside me (Who were flying Air Canada) had already been sitting in the airport for 5 hours waiting for their plane to be fixed.

So here I am in the air flying over the Rockies… listening to Check Your Head and eating my yummy Faux Ham and Cheezee sandwiches I made for the flight. Yippee!

On the flight to Toronto:
West Jet is so good to it’s customers… they HELD my flight (do you hear that Air Canada pffft) for me and here I am now in the air on my way to the T dot O. *woot* I ran from one gate to the other. Thanks Calgary… it’s been sweet. All 4 minutes I spent on the ground (Hi Meagan.). So I’m reading the latest Veg News (sex and romance issue) on the flight and who do I see but Erika from Moo Shoes and her husband Justin in the wedding issue. Congratulations you guys… Erika you look sooo lovely and beautiful. And Justin… you know you’re fine. Quit front-in!! Mazel Tov.

I brought the entire season of Undeclared on DVD to watch during the flight, but my plane has satellite television so I’m gonna watch Oprah and finish off the rest of my sandwiches (I brought 3). Yippee!

I don’t know if it’s the sandwiches or the airplane but flying sure does make me farty… I feel sorry for the guy next to me. *laugh*
Later Peeps.

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  1. wolffie says:

    Have a good time, buddy, and be safe…

  2. Kelly says:

    Hope you have an awesome time in Toronto Sarah… what are you doing farting…girls don’t fart ;)haha

  3. Anonymous says:

    Those picture of the Rockies are gorgeous! We just had snow here, yes snow in Las Vegas, but nothing like that.

    Hope you are having a wonderful trip.


  4. Anonymous says:

    Sarah, those pictures of the Rockies are gorgeous. We just got some snow here in Las Vegas, nice, but nothing like that!

    Have a wonderful trip.


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