Sunshiny day …

I have so many things going on that I want to share but can’t!!

I’m making a web-thing for someone and it’s going well … I’m working on another thing that should come to fruition in Sept … I’m also working on this other thing for someone else and so far so good…I’m sorry I can’t share specifics but you know I would if I could.  🙂

It was just a few months ago that I was complaining to my therapist that I felt that I was creatively dead. That I had nothing more to give or share.

She reminded me that Jan/Feb are always the slowest months for me (that’s the greatest thing about seeing a therapist for years on end – they see your patterns) and said that as soon as the sun comes out I’ll find myself swamped with work.

Well the sun is out and I’m SWAMPED with the creative spirit!! As usual … she’s right!! 🙂

On top of all these projects – I’m leaving for the UK in a month to see my family and to do some sight-seeing. I’ll also be doing a book signing at VX. This is my only public appearance while I’m away so I hope some of you Londoners can make it.

Goodness me … I’m so happy the sun is out again! 🙂

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