Oh Deer …


Snowpocalypse 2012 has struck the Pacific North West and I’m miserable!! I moved away from Saskatchewan 20 years ago to get away from the weather and I wake up to THIS??

Snow in Victoria is the worst … we don’t have the infrastructure to take care of it. I think the city only has 1 plow … So the city completely shuts down. Stores close. Nobody (but idiots) drive.

I mean … it’s kind of cool. I enjoy the apocalyptic nature of it all. How quiet everything is … desolate. Like there’s going to be a zombie jumping from behind the bush …

It’s just me, Gerry and the dog out there … with just our wits to help us survive!! 🙂

I think the snow is hardest for Fergus. He enjoys a good romp in a snowy field but the streets of Victoria are painful.

There is so much rock-salt and chemical de-icer on the streets that it hurts his paws…

So we got him some booties. They help a lot!!

Plus they make everyone on the street smile … Fergus always spreads love wherever he goes.  🙂

On Monday we weren’t able to go anywhere (I was not about to drive on black-ice) so we went for a walk and bumped into some deer. But we weren’t walking in the woods … we were only a few blocks from our house walking through the gardens of Government House.

Three deer came right up to us and I think they would have come up and given me a kiss on the cheek but Fergus barked and scared them away.

I found out later that these urban deer at Gov’t House are aggressive. They are NOT scared of people and I’ve heard from numerous people that they will stalk you through the garden and then chase you away. Thank you Fergus for saving our lives!! 🙂

All this weather has been bumming me out … but there was an article in the Globe and Mail about me and the vegan Cash Mob I organized at x-mas and they ran that fabulous photo Gerry took of me in front of my store.

I’ve been getting some good press lately … especially about the Go Vegan! w/Sarah Kramer iPhone app. It’s been steadily climbing up the iTunes lifestyles charts. It’s very exciting!!

Gotta try to focus on the positive more. I’m having a hard time shaking this winter funk. #winterblahs




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