Oh dear lord…

Oh dear lord… I’ve gone to the dark side.

And… I think I’m allergic to Tomatoes. What am I going to do??

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  1. KleoPatra says:

    ZOIKS! i’m there too… scary!!!


  2. Katrina says:

    it IS the dark side isn’t it. That’s how i felt about it, too. And yet somehow we all get sucked in…

  3. Marmot says:

    Bad luck for your alergy. I am addicted to books and just last wednesday i found (and, oh God, bought) a book called “Tomate, du hier et ajourd’hui”. There is a recipe for Tomato Suhsi just amazing!

  4. Carrieâ„¢ says:

    Allergic to tomatoes? Oh, I hope you’re mistaken because that would be really awful! I don’t have any food allergies and totally sympathize (is there a z in there?) with people who do. Keep us posted.

  5. Kelly says:

    I just finished a cleanse and found out the same thing…it’s rough!

  6. Me says:

    Oh sweet mother of god…if I was allergic to tomatoes I’d go crazy – I eat them alllllll the time. Better get thee to a doctor to find out for sure!

  7. Danielle says:

    Is it just raw tomatoes or all tomato products? I knew someone who couldn’t eat them raw, but he could eat tomato sauces and ketchup.

  8. SDGvegan says:

    I just found out I am allergic to soy 🙁 I can’t imagine being allergic to tomatoes(well, I can imagine it, it just makes me sad).

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