Office fix-up

Well it’s not quite done… I still have to wallpaper behind the desk and make a few more shelving adjustments but the Ikea pax units are in and are functioning! Woot!

This is what the nightmare office looked like before:
My side now …
I now have a place for everything and everything is in it’s place. 🙂

Gerry’s side …
We put a mirror door on the center unit so when I shoot photos my clients can see what they look like (it helps a lot for poses).

Gosh. My office is so tidy now … it’s wicked!

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  1. skinartia says:

    Very impressive! …now come organize my office! Hahaha. Maybe that should be your next project. I can see it now:

    Sarah Kramer: Office Organizer

    Sarah clears the clutter out of your office and your life.

    You could even have a TV series based on that. 😀

  2. rizzarizzrazz says:

    ‘Looks like some of your stuff found its way over to Gerry’s side of the room … 😉

  3. Carol says:

    It looks so tidy it brings a tear to my OCD eye….I love it…

  4. sweetgrass says:

    Now I need for you to come and sort my office, costume loft, kitchen…….

  5. The Cooking Lady says:

    I love it when things are in their perspective places. *My downfall is paper piles* They seem to procreate everywhere.

  6. Maria Rose says:


  7. funny says:

    What time was it when you took this picture??

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