Off we go – part 2

Woke up around 8am and had a nice leisurely breakfast in Stac & Molly’s fantastic kitchen.
They have this rad old vintage stove … called… THE GRILLEVATOR!!
Molly made cement counters for the kitchen and they are so freaking beautiful.

Even added a little pretty focal point with some scrap metal… I’m in love wit these counters!
Called a cab and here I sit in the airport waiting for our flight. Gerry is peeing right now. He pees a lot. I think it’s all the coffee…. our flight is in a few minutes. See you in NY!!

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  1. Celeste says:

    My husband is in the middle of making concrete counters for our kitchen… we stuck hunks of crystals into the side edge for accent.

    Your friend’s counter looks amazing.

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