So as we’re driving down the highway I say to Gerry “Let’s try and find a field or something for Fergus to run around in.” cause the poor dog had been sitting on my lap for 4 hours (probably the reason why my back went out).

All of a sudden Gerry pulls off the highway and down this little road (almost driving us into a ditch) and pulls up into this place called The N.O.A.H. Center . It’s a really cool…no-kill shelter with a great mission statement. The grounds and building are a wonderful slice of lovely in the middle of the hellish ugly I-5.

They even had a fenced in yard where we could chuck the ball around for Fergus without worrying about him running onto the road.

Oh yeah. Speaking of roads… I forgot to say something to America.

Dear America.
What’s with the cement highways that kill my back? Bumpity bumpity bump.

Here in Canada we have highways made of asphalt. It works really well… smooth roads. It’s nice. You should try it.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    american highways (well, the I-5 anyways) have to be cement so they can drive tanks down them in case of invasion. I’m serious!

  2. Sarah's Blog says:

    SHUT UP!!

  3. leigh says:

    i hope you are feeling better!!!!

  4. Sarah's Blog says:

    Thanks girl
    It’s just a little pinchy today. Doing much better. 🙂

  5. Sithspawn says:

    Smooth roads…except in Quebec. Here they’re all cracked and bumpy. Better than cement, though.

  6. Dan says:

    Apparently concrete has many advantages to asphalt, many environmental advantages which you might be interested in. I did a Google search on “concrete vs. asphalt” and found only concrete advantages (not a single asphalt business claiming its product was environmentally superior to concrete).

    From CPAM:

    they say some of the environment benefits are – a. Concrete is completely recyclable, b. concrete doesn’t release odorous petroleum products into the air, c. concrete conserves oil, which is used to produce asphalt pavements, d. replacing asphalt pavements with concrete can help to lower summertime temperatures, e. concrete reflects sunlight instead of absorbing it, f. the “heat island” effect seen in large cities has been attributed, in part, to the use of asphalt pavements.

    CDOT (Colorado Dept of Transportation) also sees concrete as the better of the two for many reasons:

  7. Sarah's Blog says:

    Intersting… THanks Dan.

  8. Jenna says:

    I look forward to your entries and recommendations. I guess you haven’t written in a couple of days because of your back. 🙁 Get well soon, soy bomb! 😉

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