So as we’re driving down the highway I say to Gerry “Let’s try and find a field or something for Fergus to run around in.” cause the poor dog had been sitting on my lap for 4 hours (probably the reason why my back went out).

All of a sudden Gerry pulls off the highway and down this little road (almost driving us into a ditch) and pulls up into this place called The N.O.A.H. Center . It’s a really cool…no-kill shelter with a great mission statement. The grounds and building are a wonderful slice of lovely in the middle of the hellish ugly I-5.

They even had a fenced in yard where we could chuck the ball around for Fergus without worrying about him running onto the road.

Oh yeah. Speaking of roads… I forgot to say something to America.

Dear America.
What’s with the cement highways that kill my back? Bumpity bumpity bump.

Here in Canada we have highways made of asphalt. It works really well… smooth roads. It’s nice. You should try it.

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