Nice letter …

Got a nice letter from Katie about her X-mas holiday.

Hello, Sarah!
I just got back from my first Christmas as a vegan and, to tell you the truth, I didn’t think I would make it because my family is nothing but milk guzzling carnivores.

However, I did! Thanks to you and VAGG, which I only shoved in my pocket as I headed out the door three weeks ago as an after thought. Not only were the recipes wonderfully convenient, but it was also interesting to read when my plane was delayed two hours. I ended up eating Aunt Bonnie’s Chickpea Salad for lunch most of the days (not that I minded), and thanks to some guidance from your introduction I managed to find vegan substitutes at most of the restaurants we went to (even if it was just a baked potato with asparagus at the Keg).

So I just wanted to say thank you for keeping me happy, healthy, and vegan. I’ve included a picture of your calendar hanging fabulously in my dining room.
You rock my vegan world,

I’d love to hear how VAGG or any of the other recipes from my books played a part in your family holiday feast … e-mail your stories to

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