I just got in some new stock from OrganicFair chocolates. These chocolate bars are made here on Vancouver Island and have some of my favourite flavour combinations. Don’t forget – I ship worldwide so if you’d like to try one or all of these sweet treats you can purchase them HERE.  🙂

KASMIR: Kashmir, India, was once described as Heaven on Earth. The Kashmir bar contains a divine blend of spices that are all found in the Masala Chai (spiced tea) that is enjoyed by the people of this region.

PROVENCE: Heady summer afternoons in the south of France filled with fragrant lavender, fresh rosemary, sweet ripe oranges, and fabulous food. This bar combines that sensory experience with chocolate! Enjoy!

SAKURA: Sakura means cherry blossom, and every spring Japan celebrates the sakura with a beautiful festival. Ginger is revered in Japan as both medicine and an integral part of culinary tradition. This bar blends food with medicine and celebration.

CANADIANA: Canada has a long history for both its sweet and salty culinary traditions. Salt being the ultimate flavour enhancer, we combined the salty with the sweet, bringing you a surprisingly delicious chocolate experience. A truly unique Canadian souvenir to be enjoyed both abroad and at home. Oh Canada!

And lastly …

SALT & PEPPER BARK: I have a deep affection for all things salt and pepper so this Salt & Pepper Chocolate Bark by Organic Fair rings all my bells!!  🙂

In other news … have you met Henri?

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