Need a job?

We are looking for a part-time receptionist to start in mid-April. We are looking for a fun, motivated hard working person with some previous receptionist experience.

Please drop your resumes off at Tattoo Zoo (1215 Wharf Street).
Thank you.

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  1. achangeinscenery says:

    I need a part time job….
    (looking for 7 months has got me nothing but two interviews and 0 call backs…)
    I am fun, motivated, and hard working…

    Though I think a 1,500 mile commute is a wee bit too far…

  2. leigh says:

    this would be so great if it started in August and was in ny… 🙂

  3. Anonymous says:

    if you bumped it up to full time to make it worth the move, i’d head out from ottawa and be your gal. i have 3 + years experience, including 1 1/2 years as an admin coordinator running a 15 person office plus 12 person satellite-office in another city. and i’m professional, and fun, and energetic, and a tattooed vegan ball of energy…

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