My trip to Toronto – day three

What a fun filled day. I woke up and walked down to Fresh for brunch to meet a few of the peeps from the forum. We ate and ate and ate some more… From left to right we have Fleur, Jenn, Phishielisa, Paulr, Dreamqueen, Carrie (aka Donkry101), some girl named Sarah and Toxicgirl.Again I forgot to take photos of all the food (what a bad blogger I am) but I had oatmeal that consisted of oats, quinoa and barley with apricots, walnuts, bananas, kiwi and soy yogurt. I WAS SO STUFFED that I didn’t even have dessert. Fresh has amazing “cheese” cake.Don’t mess with a Carrie’s cheesecake or you’ll get cut. 🙂 Carrie and Paul made Fan Club cards. Too cute for words. They also made T-shirts with me on the front. What a trip. Those guys make me smile. 🙂Then I ran home to meet with Shoshana. We ran a few errands and then went to Dawn’s house to get my haircut. As a woman with very thick Jewish ethnic hair it is really tough to get a good haircut that doesn’t leave me looking like bozo the clown. Dawn did SUCH a good job on my hair… best haircut I’ve ever had. EVER! Now what am I going to do now? Fly to Toronto every 6 months for a trim? *laugh*There was a lot of hair on the floor… yet my hair is still long? How does she do it?? Photos of new haircut tomorrow.

Sho and I grabbed some Veggie Sushi and grabbed a cab to Hart House to watch Maury and Graham perform. They’re in a band called The Supers and they played a few of their pop songs with a symphony. It was really cool. The hall looked like the dining hall in Harry Potter, it was GIANT and even had candles floating from the ceiling. The music was amazing in that room…and again I got teary watching my friends play. So talented.

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  1. Hibee says:

    Man count me in that club!

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