I love rock n roll

My niece came for a visit this week and we had such a fun time.

She’s just starting to get into music and LOVES all things 80’s so we are totally on the same wave length right now.  🙂

We went shopping for new clothes and I found a cool pleather jacket. Heidi thought it would make her look like Joan Jett and then she told me she had no idea what Joan Jett looked like but that the it seemed like something Joan Jett would wear. I almost fell on the floor with glee!!

I bought it for her (that’s what good Auntie’s do) and we came home immediately and did a photoshoot. 🙂

I think she gives Joan Jett a run for her $$.

Gosh … I love my Heidi something fierce! 🙂

We also bought matching outfits … still makes me laugh thinking about how silly we must have looked walking down the street together.   🙂

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  1. Tehomet says:

    You are clearly an excellent aunt. 🙂

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