My new case …

I bought myself a new iphone case. I had a dream the other night that I dropped my phone on the bathroom floor and it shattered into a thousand pieces. I woke up at 4am SOBBING (I must really love my iphone) and ran down to the Apple store and picked up a Speck ToughSkin case. If you’re a klutz like me and are looking for something rugged and well designed then this is the case for you.

Best feature? You can flip the bottom of the case up so you can plug your phone into docking stations and not have to remove the entire case. It looks really bulky but it actually feels good/natural when you hold it. It’s a thoughtfully designed case and worth every penny!

I ALMOST feel like I could throw it across the room and it would be fine. I’m not going to do that … but I bet I could…  🙂

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