my hair…

So my hair wasn’t long enough to send to Locks of Love this time… but I did bring my hair home in a bag for Gerry. *laugh*

So yesterday before my haircut I went down to the shop to pick up garbage to take to the dump, and as I left I said to Gerry “Take a long look at me, I’m leaving now.” When I came back 2 hours later and walked in with my new hairdo, you should have seen his face when I walked in. *laugh* I love surprising him!!

I brought my hair home so I could weigh it (3/4 of a pound – yikes) and then decided to leave it outside for the birds. Last night as we walked the dog, I left little piles of my hair in trees and bushes so they can use it for their nests. Is that weird? They’ll use it right? It’s bio friendly… 🙂

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