My friend Laura…

My friend Laura wrote me about my rollercoaster arms … She’s amazing. Thanks Laura.

“In other news I keep waking up in the morning with my arms above my head like I’m riding a rollercoaster. IT HURTS!! What’s wrong with me???”

I promise I’m not reading your mind 🙂

But here’s a medical intuitive explanation: You have all these amazing things happening in your life right now, and you’re being validated and supported in ways that on some level you never thought would actually happen. In the daytime, you manage to get through w/o paying a lot of attention to how overwhelming it can feel, but at night all those subconscious questions (is this really happening? Do I really deserve this? Can I trust that all these good things will continue to happen? etc., etc.) combine with all the fun you’re having. You are literally riding a roller coaster in your sleep–throwing your arms in the air b/c you’re having fun but also b/c part of you feels ungrounded and consequently, you’re not fully grasping all the goodness that’s flowing towards your heart.

Arms are part of the heart chakra, and when you sleep w/ them above your head, the blood goes out but it does not come back to the heart. That’s why it hurts when you wake up! This is kind of a metaphor for how you live b/c even though you do take pretty good care of yourself, you are a very loving, generous person and right now you’re giving out to your “fans” and the world more good and love and blessings than you’re allowing yourself to receive.

My advice? Start consciously recognizing (while you’re awake) that, yes, all of this is really happening. That yes, you’ve worked hard to get where you are, and also you’ve had some great breaks from the universe. There’s nothing wrong with having received a few lucky breaks.You do good service for animals and people, and you’re just an all around nice person. The universe wants to reward you, and it’s OK (natural, even) for you to open your arms to receive instead of lifting them above your head. When you lift them above your head, it’s like refusing to claim your prize. Claiming the prize doesn’t mean you’re getting a big head, or that if you trust it’s there then it won’t be–it just means that it’s there for you to receive b/c you’re you. Giving and receiving are … a give and TAKE … it’s a natural flow. When you won’t allow yourself to take all that’s offered, your arms hurt–and it’s not good for your physical or metaphysical heart to have that happen. 🙂

Anyway, this is what I do, so please consider this another gift from the universe just b/c you’re you. 🙂
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  1. jromer says:

    very insightful stuff.

  2. KleoPatra says:

    Wow, that is REALLY cool. Laura! Amazing. Sarah, i absolutely think she is correct, and i’m blown away by that insight of hers!

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