My day so far…

Well… I wanted to sleep in today but woke up at 7am because of construction noises. CURSES! I can’t wait to frickin MOVE TO OUR NEW PLACE!!

My wonderful Monkey Husband gave me a great present today…A spa day with a hot rock massage, I am so stoked! I can’t decide if I should do it now and get all this “buying a house stress” out of my shoulders or if I should wait and get all my “painting and renoing the new house stress” out of my shoulders. What a wonderful predicament to be in!!

He also gave me a diamond encrusted teddy bear necklace. It’s so gangsta!I’m trying really hard to be gangsta in this photo… maybe I need a diamond encrusted eyepatch like this guy in order to get the full effect.

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  1. Kramers says:



  2. KleoPatra says:

    Hilarious. Your day just keeps getting better, Ms. Moon Child!

  3. jodi says:

    Oh my God. Gerry re-gifted my monkey. I BOUGHT THAT FOR HIM! Ugh. 😀

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