My crazy ass husband …

Look at this cookie tin banjolele my husband had custom made for me for my birthday!!

Yes. You read that right … It’s a banjo/ukulele made out of a cookie tin! WHAAAAT??

What on earth is going on here?? A New England winter scene with a space cowboy from an alternate universe tearing through the other side to change the space/time continuum and save the world from an untimely end?

According to my pal Karla May it’s a it’s a fruitcake tin from Collin Street Bakery in Corsicanana, TX. The birthplace of Lefty Frizzell but it doesn’t explain the cowboy in the beam of light.  🙂

The coolest part about the banjolele is the little bent fork at the end that holds the strings and also can attach to a strap if I want to sling it around my neck …

It all came to fruition because Gerry mentioned to our friend Beard (his nickname is Beard because he has a beard) that he wanted to find me a cool ukulele for my birthday and Beard told Gerry about his friend Rik who was making them out of “found objects”. So the other night Gerry said “Get in the car. We’re going to pick up your surprise present…” and we drove out to Rik’s workshop where I got to pick out of a group of 4 banjoleles which one I wanted.

I was so stunned by the surprise that I forgot to take photos of the other banjolele’s. One was made from a cookie tin, one from a small gas can and I can’t remember what the other was made from because all I could focus on was the sexy cowboy in the shaft of light. *laugh*

My husband is so sweet … what an amazing birthday present. AND IT’S NOT EVEN MY BIRTHDAY YET!! That happens on the 27th incase you want mark it on your calender and send me something.  🙂

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